Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As the title suggests, Smitten is a romantic novel. This book is a collection of four short stories. They all take place in the small town of Smitten where the survival of the town depends on the mill. When four friends hear that the mill is closing, they begin a campaign to save their town. Natalie, Julia, Shelby, and Reese each have their own story. As each one finds a way to capitalize on the name of their town, they realize that love follows closely at their heels. Natalie already owns a small business, Mountain Perks, that will appeal to couples seeking a romantic getaway destination. Julia once worked for a successful spa in NYC. What every romantic destination needs is a high-end spa. Is Julia the person to open one? Shelby has an etiquette school. Incorporating parties, ballroom dancing, and unique clothing designs is her way of adding appeal to their town. Reese is the opposite of Shelby. She is ready to open an outfitters shop to cater to those that love the great outdoors. All four women work hard to change their town from a mill town to a romantic destination.

The authors of this book, Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Diann Hunt, and Denise Hunter have written an enjoyable book. Friends themselves, they have each written a short story about four friends with their own personalities ascribed to their characters. I particularly liked the way each story fit together to tell the story of the town of Smitten. These authors did a great job collaborating. If you are looking for a light read this is the book for you. It is a totally predictable book, but one you can enjoy from beginning to end. I received a complimentary e-book from Thomas Nelson Publishers through their Booksneeze blogger program in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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