Saturday, July 24, 2010

Love is a Flame

Love is a Flame was such an encouraging book to read. James Stuart Bell compiled a group of marriage stories to encourage and inspire. The book contains stories about couples who were recently married to stories about couples who have been married for years. The issues in these stories affected couples who are in full-time Christain service, couples who are self-employed, and couples who work in the regular job force.

These stories covered topics such as pornography, unexpected illness, death of a child, adultery, discontent, and well as many other issues that can plague a marriage. In some of the stories the issues were with the husband and in others it was the wife that struggled. In spite of the seeming hopelessness of each situation each couple realized the value of their marriage and worked to resolve their issues using God's word, recognizing the power of prayer, and seeking human counsel and help when needed.

I appreciate the openness with which each story was told. I'm sure it was not always easy for each couple to write their personal struggles for everyone to read. Even if the reader is not struggling with any of these issues right now it is encouraging to know that when these storms of life come there is hope. We can emerge from these struggles with a greater love for our spouse and our God who carried us through.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers for review purposes.

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